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Jetty Road, Normanville
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South Australia's number one rated skydive. Located just over an hour south of the City, we fly out of Goolwa Airport.


SA Skydiving is South Australia's premier skydiving operation with over 33 years experience. Arriving in Normanville, you meet our team by the Jetty kiosk / cafe. Our courtesy van will take you to the airport, during which, you'll watch a short training video and receive a personal brief from your instructor. Once harnessed up, you take off and enjoy views of McLaren Vale and the ocean on your way up to your exit height. You high five everyone in the plane and as the door opens, you feel a rush of air on your skin. You move to the edge, dangle your legs under the plane now it's real! You feel adrenaline pump through your veins, take a deep breath, smile for the camera, then ready, set, GO. You scream as you find yourself in the sky, accelerating to 220kph, your instructor gives you the signal and you release your harness and free your arms out into the wind. This is pure freedom. You feel the parachute open - you just jumped out of a plane! You're now flying a parachute over the coast, taking in the stunning turquoise ocean and coastlnie! Your friends and family waiting for you on the beach as you land softly on the sand. Your first instinct - let's go do that again!

Map & Directions

SA Skydiving
Jetty Road, Normanville 5204


Phone: 8272 7888

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