Sacred Spaces - Breathwork & Tibetan Sound Bowls

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Hours: 4pm - 6pm


When: 19th March 2022.

Where: Collins Reserve, Carrickalinga. Cnr of Carrickalinga Road and Riverview Drive.

Price: $40.00 Adult

Sacred Spaces would like to take you on a journey of self, nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Set in the beautiful setting of Carickalinga surrounded by Mother Nature you can feel your mind, body and soul start to relax and your mind quieting.
On arrival to the Sacred Spaces Circle we ask that you remove your shoes and enter quietly finding you spot, closing down your eyes and just be in the moment. Arnda and Tarrah will open the circle giving space for introductions and layout of the event. As we come together on this day to nourish our mind, body and soul we ask you to feel into you, noticing the energies in your body that are calling for your attention.
It may be tightness in the chest, lower back, abdomen, neck, shoulders wherever the discomfort is just notice. Noticing and acknowledging is the first step in releasing that which no longer serves your higher self.
Guiding you through a Heart chakra breathwork and meditation knowing you are safe to release what is right for you in this moment.
Allowing yourself to be carried on a self healing journey with Eastern Tibetan Singing bowls we ask your permission to place bowls on your body and to receive quantum reiki to help you move through your inner journey with love.
We will slowly bring you back to your body awakening from your journey of self healing feeling lighter, full of love and deeply relaxed.
Closing our journey of self we will open to discussion for anyone that feels called to reflect.

Arnda and Tarrah

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