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Welcome to Fleurieu Coast

The Fleurieu Coast encompasses some 750 square kms of South Australia’s glorious Fleurieu Peninsula. Nature is supreme in this part of the world. From the high rainfall dairy country of Parawa to lush pine forests and pristine conservation parks, there’s more than 600 kms of roadways to explore.

With 2,700 kms of seasonal and permanent watercourses and 80 kms of rugged coastline where hills meet sea, our rivers meet the cooling waters of Gulf St Vincent and Backstair’s Passage.

And with 25 kms of clean sandy beaches it’s no wonder that 4,500 people choose to call this place home – farmers, artists, retirees and many thousands more weekend residents and seasonal holiday-makers. Experience the undiscovered bays and byways of the Fleurieu Coast – there’s more to melt the heart than meets the eye!

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