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Fleurieu Coast Visitor Guide: FC Visitor Guide(3124 kb)

Easter Business Hours Flyer: Easter Business Hours 2022 (correct at the time of print)

The Best Picnic Spots on the Fleurieu Coast Fleurieu_Coast_Picnic_Spots_A4_Flyer_web.pdf

Bushwalking in Deep Creek

Fleurieu Peninsula Visitor Guide

Discovery Drive - Route 52, Hills & Seascape

Local Fishing Spots

Second Valley Heritage Walk(1373 kb)

Heritage Trail

Church times: Church_Information_March_2021.pdf


Did you Know?

Fact 1

In 1802 the French Explorer Nicolas Baudin mapped the Southern Coast of Australia at the same time as Matthew Flinders. Baudin named the region after the eminent French wanderer, Charles Pierre Claret, Comte de Fleurieu. Baudin also named the gulfs of South Australia. The names assigned by Flinders were adopted, however, had timing been different we would be located on Golfe Josephine (Gulf St Vincent) named after Napolean's wife. Baudin assigned the name Golfe Bonaparte to what we now know as Spencer Gulf.

Fact 2

The first European child born on mainland South Australia was delivered at Rapid Bay on 7 November 1836 to Sarah Hoare, wife of a labourer in Colonel Light's survey party. He was named John Rapid Hoare

Fact 3

Robert Norman was the first dentist in South Australia and the only dentist to have a road and town named after him. In 1845, Norman having previously demonstrated his skill in winning prizes for carving ivory and constructing useful mechanical devices, constructed an artificial hand from the bone of a dugong and cat gut. The hand was for a servant of Governor Grey a soldier by the name of John Coles who had lost all but the thumb on one hand in a gun accident. The artificial hand is now stored at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Heritage Office (source: State Library of SA)

Fact 4

Yacca plants (Xanthorrhoea) were harvested in Deep Creek and Second Valley areas from World War 1 to the mid 1930's. The product of the harvest - Yacca Gum was used in the manufacture of paint, varnishes and explosives. The harvest provided an income for many locals during the depression.

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