Sacred Spaces - Water Releasing Ceremony

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Hours: 4pm - 6pm


When: 20th March 2022

Where: Carrickalinga Beach, near Carrickalinga Creek Outlet.

Price: $40 Adult.

Water Releasing and Self love Ceremony.

With the guidance of the High Priestess Quan Yin and the healing waters of Mother Earth we will be in ceremony releasing and healing our inner child with love and compassion.

Arnda and Tarrah will speak into the layout of the night and give time for introductions and sharing before starting our journey.
Calling in all 4 elements and the High Priestess Quan Yin... She of a thousand waters our ceremony will begin.

Leading you through a guided meditation and gentle breath work we will be holding ourselves with great tenderness and love. Seeing your inner child with all her/his hurts, fears and insecurities.

Quan Yin will be with you guiding your awareness to give and receive self love, self compassion and self forgiveness. Letting go of what no longer serves your higher self.
As we transmute our old beliefs of self, releasing old stories that have held us back we will be floating in the cleansing waters releasing all that no longer serves your higher self.
Your inner child will be cleansed, loved, honoured, seen and acknowledged so she/he can release through the power of the Crystalline waters of Quan Yin. With your willingness to forgive yourself, your inner child desires to never suffer again and to only know unconditional love and acceptance SELF LOVE ??

We will dance, play, sing, frolic in the waters letting your inner child out in full expression with total joy and abundant love in our hearts.
We will close the ceremony giving thanks and love to all Arnda and Tarrah of Sacred Spaces look forward to seeing you there.

Please bring Bathers, Towel, water bottle and a photo of your child self if possible.

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