Splash on Defiance

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Enjoy ‘Splash on Defiance’ while you explore and unwind all the hidden beauties that Normanville has to offer…..
Find yourself opening the doors to a cleverly designed home with your comfort in mind.
This beautiful property is located in a prestige neighborhood nestled between the township of Normanville and one of SA's premier golf courses and a very quick drive from the beach.
Contemporary double-story holiday home with relaxing and inviting decor, designed to bring the outside in.
So many qualities on offer but just to name a few… 4 bedrooms to accommodate up to 11 guests, 2 bathrooms, 2 completely separate living areas, multiple outdoor undercover entertainment areas, solar heated swimming pool, a modern kitchen, coffee machine, WIFI, Apple TVs and the added bonus of welcoming your pets.

Map & Directions

7 Defiance Court, Normanville 5204


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