Willow Creek Youth Adventure & Leadership Day

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Hours: 9am - 8pm


This Youth event is suitable for young people aged 12 years and above.

The is a full day event where young people will be engaged in team building and leadership style activities.

Activities that will be facilitated will include:

An Amazing Race event in Victor Harbor where they will compete against each other.

Team challenges, survivor style incorporating problem solving challenges based on the dysfunction of a team promoting communication, creative thinking and team work. They include a mixture of interactive physical and mental puzzles and relays.

A Raft building challenge where includes participants are given a range of equipment including PVC tubes, timber, teams and rope. Teams needs to construct a raft and use it to get across a body of water in a given time frame. This activity offers the experience to plan as a group and look at process of ‘how and why’ as the plan needs to change. It is an activity that enables everyone to contribute and to develop planning and communication skills.

We plan to finish the event with a dinner around the fire where participants will be able to reflect on the day, what was difficult and where they have improved.

Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are provided.

The event will begin with a bus collection from Yankalilla Football oval at 9am. The event will conclude when the bus returns participants back to Yankalilla at 8pm.

Map & Directions


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