Blowhole Beach

Attraction Blowhole Creek Road, Cape Jervis 8204 1910 Website


Beautiful and remote, Blowhole Beach is a stunning spot. You can view kangaroos and dolphins. Good for a picnic. Four wheel drive or walk in.


Blowhole Beach is a stunning ocean beach near the western edge of Deep Creek Conservation Park. You can walk 2km to the beach from the Cobbler Hill car-park. Or if you have a four wheel drive vehicle you can drive down the steep track to the Blowhole Beach car-park. You can sometimes see dolphins in the surf and kangaroos nearby. The sandy beach is 200m long and is in a steep valley. A creek crosses the beach and rocky headlands reach out at either end of the beach. Swimming can be hazardous because there is usually a strong rip which can sweep swimmers out to sea. You can also camp in the Park and stay at cottages in the park and nearby. There is no camping at the beach. Check the website for maps, details and booking.

Map & Directions

Blowhole Creek Road


Phone: 8204 1910

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