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The Normanville Hotel offers relaxed, affordable dining throughout its restaurant, beer garden and bars. The fusion of historic character with modern comfort, fresh food and friendly service results in a charming hotel ambience that makes everyone feel welcome.

Hotel Chefs have sourced quality produce to create a contemporary menu balancing pub classics and specialty dishes. A wide range of beverage options are also available including local wine, cider and craft beer.

Established in 1851, the Normanville Hotel is over 170 years old making it one of the oldest hotels in South Australia! It was established by Robert Norman (first Surgeon Dentist for the SA Colony) on his property near the mouth of the Bungala River.

It has been progressively renovated since 1990 and this effort received industry recognition through an award for best country hotel redevelopment.

Many old bottles and coins were discovered over the years and some are displayed within cabinets in the hotel. Old photos of the district are also displayed. The hotel is featured in the local history trail.

Conveniently located in the heart of the seaside village of Normanville, the hotel is family friendly, accessible by wheel chair and offers plenty of convenient car-parking.

Map & Directions

46 Main Road, Normanville 5204


Phone: 8558 3200

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